Sep 04, 2019 7:00 AM
Christy Gardner

My name is Christina "Christy" Gardner and I am a 37 year old retired Army veteran. I grew up in Auburn, Maine but had a split family so I spent a lot of time in NYC as well so I had a pretty well-rounded upbringing. I played sports growing up and love to be outside. After high school, I attended Long Island University in NY and earned a degree in Photography but had already signed up to leave with the Army as soon as I graduated. I served as a military police officer and was injured overseas in 2006. I had facial and skull fractures, lost a couple fingers, had a spinal cord injury, and ultimately lost both legs below the knee. I spent 1.5 years rehabbing on active duty and 3.5 rehabbing at the VA Hospital. Due to my brain injury, I started back over at the 3rd grade to learn English, grammar, and math all over again. After being discharged from the rehab programs I was finally able to live on my own again and started participating in adaptive sports. I'm now an assistant captain of the US Women's Para Ice Hockey team and throw shot put and discus with hopes of making the US Track and & Field Team as well.  I’m the director of the New England Warriors hockey club and recently partnered with Central Maine Adaptive Sports to bring civilian sled hockey and track programs to the state of Maine. When I'm not busy with sports, I help train future service dogs! 

I’ll definitely have my Moxie with me and likely the current puppy we have in training, Lucky Tim.