Learning with Fun!
Apr 03, 2019 7:00 AM
Jessica Ireland
Learning with Fun!

Jessica started Learning with Fun in 2012 because she believes in Personalized Learning and loves helping young minds Learn and Grow.  As a teacher at both Public and Private Schools, Jessica was not able to make the difference she wanted with her students so she set out on her own in 2015.

With a BA in Social work and a Masters in Education from St. Josephs College, Jessica is also licensed in ABA therapy and spent many years working with students who have behavioral or developmental learning delays.  Jessica is also trained and applies these methods in her teaching in Lindamood Bell and Orton Gillingham based learning.

Jessica’s philosophy in teaching takes a Student Centered approach toward learning.  She builds individualized curriculum for each student’s lesson based on his or her learning style and she discovers these learning styles by following her B·A·I·N·E·S·! Method.  Here she studies students Behaviors, Aspirations, Interests, Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep. 

Her BAINES! method ensures she take the entire student into consideration.  Her approach is effective and is proven to work.  Her methods allows for positive long-term change including personal growth and development within her students.

It is Jessica’s passion to help children learn in a way that helps them succeed and build their confidence. She believes that every child can and will succeed when provided with the right tools.  She is obsessed with figuring out each child’s learning style and designing a curriculum to fit their learning needs.   

When Jessica is not teaching she is spending time at home on a Casco Bay Island with her four daughters and wonderful fiancé skiing, boating and just being a mom!