Speaker- Trinity Jubliee Center
Aug 01, 2018
Erin Reed
Speaker- Trinity Jubliee Center
Erin Reed is the Executive Director of the Trinity Jubilee Center in Lewiston. She also serves as the Center's Food Pantry Coordinator, Development Director, a Refugee Integration Program staff person, Day Shelter staff person, Office Manager, and Publicity Coordinator. She has been involved in the Jubilee Center since 2004.
The Trinity Jubilee Center is a community center located in the heart of downtown Lewiston, providing food and hope to Lewiston-Auburn residents struggling to make ends meet. The Center is open six days a week and operates five programs: the Meals Program serves 80-100 hot lunches each day; the Food Pantry distributes groceries to 200-300 families each week; the Day Shelter provides warmth and rest to the homeless; the Resource Center offers a free weekly medical clinic, access to the Center’s phone, fax, and internet, a mailing address for the homeless, winter gear and toiletries, community workshops, and one-on-one support overcoming challenges; and the Refugee Integration Program helps families from more than a dozen countries access employment, housing, and education. These comprehensive services not only feed people when they are hungry but help them to address the reasons why they are hungry and become healthier, more stable, and more self-sufficient. More than 1,000 people are served each week.