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Auburn Lewiston Brea
United States of America

More detail just in.  Prep cold food for lunches (sandwiches, packaging individual portions of bulk, like trail mix) for distribution by Trinity Jubulee Center weekly Mondays.   5 volunteers for about 3 hours between 8 AM and 3:30 PM.  Crew can set time to their convenience.  Tell us your availability and time preference.  Peter will work out a schedule.  Location - a church or school kitchen in town to be determined.  Let us know if you know of an available commercial type kitchen. We have 2 volunteers, need 3 more.  Masks & social distancing.  This should be a pleasant opportunity for a little social time with folks you know.  Trinity Jubilee will need this service until its kitchen reopens.  Let's try to commit for two months to start.  If you can make some but not all Mondays, advise and we'll try to put subs in as needed.