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International Committee:

We are committed to a project in Haiti called Theo's Work Inc. (Proje Espwa) which was founded by Father Marc Boisvert of Lewiston. This organization brings hope to the children of Haiti, and it functions as an orphanage, school, and medical clinic. It owns its own land, grows much of its own food, provides local employment, and teaches its residents skills in self reliance. It is recognized in international circles as one of the most outstanding grass roots organizations in the world. We have been contributing to Theo's Work since the beginning of this decade, and we are prepared to send the project a check for $1500 this year.

As a result of attending the District (7790) Foundation meeting in Waterville in November, we found out that the District can match local grants $ for $, so we are preparing anapplication for District Simplified Grant (DSG) which is due February 15. We are in communication with Jack Reynolds, the business manager for Theo's Work, and he has given us some language to justify our request for matching funds. We will submit the application to Elaine Toussaint in January 2010.

Thank you,