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Jan 22, 2020 7:00 AM
Edward Burgess
Wellness Mobile

Chap. Eddie Greyfox Burgess came to Lewiston 2000/2001 with Americorps. In that time he responded to the 9-11 terror attacks. He also responded to hate crimes with the red cross on a local level prior to leaving with Americorps to NY. While responding to a possible fire on Ash street he was exposed to his first hate crime towards the local mubahb who established the first mosque in Lewiston.

 Soon after his return from NY, he received word that his brother had completed boot training and ICT along with bomb tech in NJ. So when he returned to Maine and completed his term. He worked in various human services agencies supporting folks with disabilities. While on duty he was contacted in 2004 by the red cross (military caseworkers) to let him know that he was needed in NH. 

Whereas Alan Burgess died as a street patrol resource in Mosul, Iraq working with Allied Forces. He was also a chaplains assistant on the barracks and support there work when not on patrol. Eddie created the Pierce Street Resource Center in his memory. In a later year, he also became a certified Chaplin and completed school with multiple degrees.

 He was a board member of the Visible Community and Many and One coalition which worked on cultural issues. He was the cultural education Director at the YWCA and the Youth Teen Center Specialist at the YMCA. He also supported folks being discharged from various institutions in Maine. As a board member of Karious of Maine, he was able to continue to make sure the training and resources continued in a nondirect way. Until he went to college in 2007 where he then trained with the doctors who operated AMHI in Augusta.